WP30 9Pc Wood Burning Pen Set with 6 Extra Tips, UL Approved

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  • Item #: CT-WP30
  • Manufacturer: Chuck's Trains

Wood-Burning Pen Set—great for arts and crafts, cabinet and furniture making, electronics and electrical device repair, wood cork and leather work, foam and plastic cutting, sign making and more. This set can also be used for a variety of techniques, such as writing, shading, lines, curves, dots & texturing. Our wood-burning pen is one great tool that performs multiple functions—a quality-made instrument that belongs on the workbench of every hobbyist, woodworker, and handyman.

Features of our Wood-Burning Pen Set include:
(1) 6 Interchangeable tips:
- 2 Wood burning tips
- 2 Steel soldering tips
- 1 Steel chiseled tip
- 1 Razor blade
(2) Multi-functional purposes:
- Burning
- Soldering
- Chiseling
- Melting
- Cutting
(3) 25 Watts; 110V-120V; 60Hz
(4) Long electrical cord attached for a wide range of movement
(5) Convenient stand
(6) UL Approved EZ14195

Directions for use:

(1) Choose the desired tip and secure it onto the pen.
(2) Place pen on the stand.
(3) Plug in the cord and wait 1-2 minutes until heated. 

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