Art Deco Highway Underpass

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  • Item #: 9333800
  • Manufacturer: Walthers
Add Some Art Deco Styling to your Layout The Art Deco Highway Underpass is a unique structure that adds a dash of panache to post-30s era highway scenes. As it's supplied, it will handle two tracks, but it's adjustable so it can be used on a single track line, or combined with a second kit to handle three or more tracks. Track spacing is also easily adjusted to NTrak and other modular layout standards. This easy-to-build kit comes with parts molded in appropriate colors and includes realistic decals. * Detailed Deck * Unique 30s-Era Style * Similar Designs Still in Use Today * Found in All Parts of the U.S. * Fits Single or Multiple Track Lines * American Prototypes for Popular Eras * Molded in Colors * Easy Construction * Great-Looking Decals
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