700125 Snowbird Holiday Horse 2022

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  • Item #: BREYER-700125
  • Manufacturer: Breyer

This stunning Morgan stallion is striding into the holiday season in style! Blue and gold accents on his attire pop against his pearly grey coat. From his eye-catching headdress - adorned with feathers and rhinestones - to his dramatic breastcollar and breeching, he’s a fine sight to behold! Accented with gold embroidery and roping, his costuming is dripping with beautiful indigo-colored gems, which accent his smooth strides perfectly. Add on a spray of evergreens and wintry flowers, Snowbird is a splendid holiday sight!

This highly collectible holiday classic is the 26th in a series and features “Happy Holidays 2022” on his belly.

Traditional | 1:9 Scale

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