5809 Battleship U.S.S. IOWA 1:1200 Model Kit

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  • Manufacturer: Revell

Revell 05809 U.S.S. Iowa

The U.S.S. Iowa was one of the largest and fastest battleships in the U.S. fleet in the 2nd World War I and was completed in early 1943. That same year she brought President Roosevelt to Casablanca. From 1944, in the Pacific war, they could through their massive firepower and the perfect radar repel any Japanese attack and played a key role in the battle for the Philippines. After the 2nd World War they did in the Korean and Vietnam War service. The final decommissioning in 1990. The kit provides the USSIowa in the construction stage of the 2nd World War II represents and can only be built as a "water line model" without propellers and rudder.

Model details

Scale: 1:1200
Month of publication: 03/2010
Items: 31
Length: 225 mm
Skill Level: 3

Original details

Type Description: Battleship
Year / Period: 1940 - 1943
Origin: USA
Drive capacity: 155,810 kW
Speed: 33 knots

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