3651 Indoor Boomerang - Assorted Colors

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  • Item #: DUNCAN-3651XW
  • Manufacturer: Duncan
  • FLEXIBLE DESIGN: All Duncan Booma models feature a flexible polymer construction can be "tuned" to adjust the flight range and characteristics of the Booma.
  • INDOOR FLIGHT RANGE: With a soft construction and flight range of 15 - 20 feet, the Duncan Indoor Booma is safe to throw indoors.
  • EASY-TO-USE: The Duncan Indoor Booma is incredibly easy to throw and catch; Easy-to-follow instructions included on the back of packaging!
  • SOFT AND SAFE: The Memorang polymer material used in the Indoor Booma is soft and safe, so you can throw fearlessly.
  • PRODUCT DETAILS: Colors may vary. Booma measures 10.8 x 10.8 inches.
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